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Radon Machine in a Basement

Complete Radon Reduction & Removal

There’s nothing more valuable than peace of mind, especially when you’re at home. Don’t let the threat of radon exposure leave you worried about the safety of you and your loved ones. PURE HOME has invented a new radon reduction machine that will put your mind at ease and create pristine air to breathe.

Surgeon Health General Advisory
U.S. EPA assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes

Eliminate Radon Now

We don’t simply offer radon mitigation; we go a step further. Our machine eliminates radon from 4,000 square feet of air space in only two hours—all while offering a guarantee of radon readings under 1 pCi/L. Standard radon mitigation companies can only guarantee a reading of 2 pCi/L or lower.

A Non-Invasive Process

Our system doesn’t interfere with the construction of your home in any way. This revolutionary invention operates on solar power and is placed on your roof with the solar panels, far out of your way. Our clients appreciate that their home’s foundation doesn’t need to be drilled into to remove the radon. Call now for free radon testing and to learn more about our technology for a radon-free home.

Radon Machine

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